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Team Executive Committee

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is composed of the five members of the Foundation Board and the following additional members:

Tony Mahabir
Tony Mahabir,
President of CIFA

Chief Executive Officer, Canfin Financial Group of Companies
MBA, CMC, CIM, RRC, CFP). Tony is the Chairman and CEO
of Canfin Financial Group of Companies, an entity which provides
professional wealth management advisory services to businesses,
professionals and individuals across Canada and globally.
Outside of work, he is passionate about the profession and
financial literacy, so he gives back by serving as
the Chairman for The Canadian Institute of Financial Planning,
volunteering as a Director of The Financial Planning Association
in the USA, while sitting concurrently on the Board of Governors
for Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning.
He was also the past Director and past Chair of the Canadian
Institute of Financial Planners in Canada. Over the last two
decades, Tony has been invited to share his passion, knowledge
and experiences across Canada and internationally on Strategy,
Cultural Diversity, The Wealth Management Industry, Standards of
Care and Cross-Border Financial Planning for Multinational Clients.
Tony has earned an MBA, is a Certified Management Consultant,
Certified Financial Planner, and Chartered Investment Manager
and is the recipient of Fellow of FPSC (Financial Planning Standards Council).

Gilles-Guy de Salins
Gilles-Guy de Salins
Member of Executive Committee of CIFA, of the Consultative Committee of FECIF,
President of ANCDGP (France), President of Association DES-Clermont.

Gilles-Guy de Salins was in the 80’s a personal banker in France with Barclays, then a Capital Markets’ Manager in London, successively with New Japan Securities, Midland Montagu and Swiss Bank Corporation. He joined in Paris a high net worth advisory firm, La Financière du Galion, in the early 90’s, before founding his multi-family office, Sélection GGS Conseils, in 2004.
Concurrently he trains IFAs through the Centre de Formation des Professionnels du Patrimoine he founded, and, amongst other, teaches law students at F.A.CO. in Paris.He has an Economics degree and a post-graduate diploma in wealth management. He is a French citizen.

Lilly Price
Lilly Price, CAIA, CIMA, MBA
Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA

Lilly joined TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM) in March 2013. She is a member of the external distribution team and has responsibility for TDAM's business development for institutional channel on Ontario and Western Canada. Lilly has worked in the financial services industry since 1993, and specializes in the distribution of investment solutions via pension plans, corporate plans, endowments and foundations. Lilly holds a Masters of Business Administration from University of Warwick in the United Kingdom and Honours Bachelor of Arts in Economics from McGill University in Canada. Lilly earned a Certified Investement Management Analyst from IMCA and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst from CAIA.

Janka Palkova
Janka Palkova
Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA

Highly versatile, results-driven professional experienced in general and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance management, operational risk control and corporate governance. Janka has worked in Private Banking, beginning with Citigroup Private Bank and HSBC Private Banking in Canada. Previously she also worked for the United Nations Organization (UNCTAD) in Switzerland. Janka holds a Masters (Ing.) degree in Economics from the University of Zilina and post-graduate diploma in International Relations and Approximation of Law from the Comenius University. Janka also holds a MBA degree from RIT, Rochester, NY. She is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

Zoltan Luttenberger
Zoltan Luttenberger,
Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA

Zoltan Luttenberger obtained his Master in Finance, PhD in Management and professional certifications in IT and Financial Planning. He entered the Financial Sector at the end of the 80s and worked as a manager or executive for several multinational financial institutions. As an independent financial, IT and management consultant he has contributed since 2000 to several cross border projects and startups across the Euroatlantic region. He was founding Chairman of the Hungarian Financial Planning Association and has been volunteering for international communities of financial professionals. At the Association Day of the CIFA Annual Conference, one of the most appreciated gatherings of financial advisors worldwide, he conducts the orchestra of Independent Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers. He did his first comprehensive cross-border financial plan in 1995 and started his special coaching program for financial advisors in the end of the 90s. He`s a regular speaker at professional and academic events on Finance and has published research and practice management papers in English, German, Russian and Hungarian. For more details, see:

Cosima F. Barone
Cosima F. Barone,
Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA

Cosima F. Barone, a seasoned wealth manager and financial analyst based in Geneva, has worked in the global financial industry for over four decades, during which she covered multiple positions and with several major international companies. Her most recent endeavors of the 21st century include the following:
- Founder and Chairman of FINARC (Financial Analysis Research Consulting) SA - - since 2003;
- Board Member of GSCGI/SAIFA - - since 2003 and Director since 2012;
- Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA since 2014 -;
Author of the "INFERENTIAL FOCUS" since 2002, she is also the Editor in Chief of "The IFA's WealthGram" monthly magazine of GSCGI/SAIFA, as well as of CIFA's "TRUSTING" bi-annual magazine. She has published articles in various financial magazines. Cosima F. Barone is often invited to speak at national and international conferences. In August 2011, she was a guest speaker at the Banco Central del Uruguay in Montevideo annual economic conference, invited by Ec. Fernando Lorenzo, Minister of Economy and Finance, and Ec. Mario Bergara, Governor of the central bank.

Hanifa Mezoui (Commission on UN and Agencies liaison)
Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA has enjoyed a distinguished career with the United Nations for the past 28 years. In the last ten of those years, she has been Chief of the NGO Section of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, where she has established an impressive record of accomplishments. The Informal Regional NGO network (UN-NGO-IRENE) was developed under her guidance as a critical channel for communicating key programs between the UN and the NGO community, including marginalized groups in developing countries. From September 2011 to September 2012, she joined the Office of the President of the Sixty Six General Assembly as the Special Coordinator for the Third Committee and Civil Society. Ms. Hanifa Mezoui holds a Doctorate in French Linguistics, an MA in French Literature, an MA in applied Linguistics and an MA in Business Administration from the University of Aix-en-Provence, France. Presently, she is a Senior Advisor to the UNAOC High Representative in charge of Humanitarian Affairs and Civil Society.

Stephen B. Young (Global Executive Director CRT, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)
Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA the author of Moral Capitalism, is the Global Executive Director of the Caux Round Table, an international network of business executives professionals who advocate a responsible and sustainable capitalism. Young was recognized as one of the 23 leaders who started the global CSR movement. Young edits and publishes Pegasus, a monthly newsletter of opinion and reporting on capitalism, finance and ethical government. He is a graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Law School. Young served as an Assistant Dean of the Harvard Law School and was Dean and Professor of Law at the Hamline University School of Law teaching corporate finance and agency. In 1966, he discovered the Bronze Age culture of Ban Chiang in northeast Thailand, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Patrick Dufour (Commission on Education /UNITAR)
Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA after 10 years in the oil industry, moved to the Financial sector, first as area manager for a Dallas, Texas, based Trust. Back to France, the Financial planning was starting and he got involved into developing all the needs for this new industry: Learning (university and developing a new concept for distance Learning), certification (creating the French Certification in Financial Planning (CFP), and the ISO standards (22222) as expert co-writer. Currently, he is running his own corporation bringing all the services a Financial planners may need to serve his clients with extension to corporate finance.

Guy Cohen (Vice-President of ANACOFI, Paris)
Member of the Executive Committee of CIFA

Selim Chanderli
is CIFA representative for SE Asia, in Jakarta (Indonesia), where he is based since 2014. Journalist by trade, he co-founded Forward SA in Switzerland (the publisher of BANCO, the Swiss Asset Management Magazine) in 1995 and Forward Services & Consulting Ltd in the UK in 2007. Selim is currently Chief Representative of Forward Group's representative office in Indonesia. Together with his wife Indira C. Tasan, he launched The Swiss Village, which aims at promoting exchanges between the Swiss and Indonesian independent financial advisors, as well as introducing Swiss financial actors to potential partners and clients in Indonesia. Born in New York, Selim is a Swiss, Italian and Algerian national.

Indira C. Tasan
is CIFA representative for SE Asia, in Jakarta, where she is based since 2014. Journalist by trade, she co-founded Forward SA in Switzerland (the publisher of BANCO, the Swiss Asset Management Magazine) in 1995 and Forward Services & Consulting Ltd in the UK in 2007. Indira is Chairman of Forward's Group of companies and Editor-in-Chief of BANCO. Together with her husband, Selim R. Chanderli, she launched The Swiss Village, which aims at promoting exchanges between the Swiss and Indonesian independent financial advisors, as well as introducing Swiss financial actors to potential partners and clients in Indonesia. Born in Bangkok, of Indonesian descent (on her father's side), Indira is a Swiss and Italian national.