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Policy Key Skills competencies


Key competencies and performance indicators of Financial Advisors


Key competencies

Performance indicators


Possess large financial and technical knowledge and implement it


Awareness of latest developments in the 

  field is shown

They are implemented to clientsí



Exercise sound judgement when dealing


Profits are produced

New opportunities are identified


Develop effective working relationship with clients

A sound knowledge of their needs is


A real interest in their professional and/or

  personal objectives is shown

Their expectations are met cost-effectively


Achieve effective communication in written and oral work

Written work is clear, concise and


Interpersonal communication is objective,

   friendly and consistent


Achieve efficiency in the use of time and other resources


Time-use generates income

Overall efficiency generates profits

Promote sales and marketing

Existing products/services are proposed

New products/services are explained and


They reflect clientsí needs/interests

These needs/interests are identified


Quality of output is high

Work is accepted by clients

Clients come back for repeat or new



Generate new business

New mandates are received

New mandates are profitable



Provide interpretation and guidance


Complex legal and financial problems are


Processes and procedures are ensured

Cultural and procedural diversity is

   understood and explained


Effective working with others


Ideas are shared

There is no aversion to teamwork

Sensitivity is shown towards needs of



Become a ënameí


Invited to make presentations by clients

Invited to make presentations in seminars,

   congresses and conventions

Cited in the financial press and media.



This comments should not be considered as definitive in all situations, nor by any means exhaustive. However they are based on wide practical experience. Their expression is designed to stimulate thought and to prepare executives, particularly those involved in interpersonal relationships. Motivating must adapt to the changing needs of the people.