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Policy Definition of Key Skills


A summary definition of key skills in the area of finance counseling

1. Procedural skills: Relate to the awareness of various procedures associated with routine and non-routine tasks, and the ability to implement the procedures effectively.

2.Technological skills: To be able to access, or maintain within the advisers company diagnostic facilities for problem solving and client requirement analysis. To engage staff with the ability to interact with hardware and software to the level of effectiveness that is consistent with the needs of the job and the potential of the systems.

3. Interpersonal skills: The ability and attributes to express the necessary requirements of effective inter-personal communication, both written and verbal, with customers, partners, colleagues and suppliers.

4. Knowledge-based skills: Involving both a significant depth of knowledge regarding financial products and services that are directly related to the needs of the customers, and the intellectual capacities showing logical thought and conceptualisation that serve to place related and unrelated events and developments in meaningful patterns.

5. Entrepreneurial skills: The rationalisation of the relationship between the adviser and the client. The adviser must recognise client requirements and market practise. This must be related to the ability of the adviser to maintain a meaningful and solvent input with the client over a long period. This will involve the judicious selection of the services offered by the adviser with consideration to the ability of the clients circumstances to reimburse the adviser.