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Policy Communication


Communication is important in the area of finance. Communication is intended to inform and motivate. Motivation is the result of many exchanges between the financial advisor and the customer and is seldom produced by written documents alone. Some key points to remember when the financial advisor communicate to motivate are:

  • Try always to look at the situation through the other personís eyes (you may not agree with what you see, but you will understand it) ‚ practice empahty
  • Listen at least as much as you talk. Listening is the only way to learn of the other personís attitude. It requires concentration and discipline. It is the positive act of encouraging the other person to talk by being friendly, calm and receptive
  • Talk to make people feel more capable, more necessary and more useful rather than make them fell small by a demonstration of your own superiority. Look up with them, not down to them
  • Be patient, enthusiastically,

Remember the defence rousers and the defence reducers.