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Policy Behaviour


There are a number of factors that the professional financial advisor must take into account when acting on behalf of customers.

First. Understanding the individual requirements

  • He must understand the individual, what conditions and circumstances are relevant to the client and peripheral circumstances that may have effects in time on the financial planning of the client
  • He must understand the (short and long term) risk profile of his customers

Second. The adviser must consider three fundamental, interrelated aspects of human behaviour

  • Behaviour is caused. No behaviour happens. Behind it all there is a cause, either physical or psychological, or a mixture of both
  • Behaviour is goal directed. All behaviour is aimed toward the achievement of some objective
  • Behaviour is motivated. Underlying all behaviour there is a motive, a want, a need and a drive.

These simple principles should engender in the adviser the knowledge that the relationship held between an adviser and client is an ongoing process in which both parties will have.cause and reason to alter positions previously agreed.