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Policy Professional requirements


The following list of qualities is not exhaustive. They do, however, represent some of the most important characteristics that CIFA has identified as having general importance in the relation of the activities of Independent Financial Advisers with their customers.

1. Integrity. Above all, the integrity of the independent advice given by the adviser to the client. Every authority agrees on this, from the theorists to the pragmatists. They underline the importance of adherence to moral principles.

2. Knowledge. The adviser must have a wide knowledge of finance and be able, clearly and simply, to explain to customer the opportunities, the advantages as well as the associated risks. The fact that the adviser does have such a knowledge should demonstrate the advisers quality in terms of education, consistent and ongoing learning. These characteristics will assist in the advisers ability to aid clients on the changing aspects of investment circumstances and legislative changes.

3. Human empathy. Meaning, when the security and satisfaction of your customers are as important as your own. Clearly concern for people must be balanced by concern for results.

4. Thorough-mindedness. In that the adviser must advise solely for the benefit of the client. In so doing clear understanding of the compromise that exists between the clients’ requirements and the advisers interests must be kept clear and separate.